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SIDS and Kids Facts and Figures

Please find below statistical resources covering a range of topics including infant mortality rates, birth rates, SIDS and Kids Fast Facts, Stillbirth and historical information.

SIDS and Kids uses the Australian Bureau of Statistics as its main source of Statistical information – please note that the most current information available from the Bureau is year end 2009. As new figures become available the information contained in the links below will be updated.

SIDS and Kids | Stats, facts and definitions on Prezi

2015 Fast Facts.pdf

SIDS Deaths Australia 1981 – 2007.pdf

SIDS in Australia 1981-2001 : A Statistical Overview.pdf Produced by the Australian Bureau of Statistics on behalf of SIDS and Kids. (With special thanks to Malcolm Wilkinson, Senior Research Fellow and Elizabeth Skuza, The Richie Centre for Baby Health Research, Monash Institute of Reproduction and Development, Monash University, Clayton Victoria). Canberra, ACT, 2003.

International Comparison of SIDS Rates.pdf

Perinatal Deaths Australia 1998 – 2007.pdf
Graph showing perinatal death rate in Australia from 1998 to 2007. (Perinatal = stillbirth or neonatal deaths). (Neonatal = deaths within 28 days of birth). (Stillbirth = delivery of a baby after 20 weeks gestation/400 grams who did not show evidence of life after delivery).

Infant mortality in Australia.pdf
Infant mortality rates in Australia (Indigenous and Non-Indigenous).

SIDS Australia Rates 1989 to 2007 Infant Safe Sleeping.pdf
SIDS death rates from 1989 to 2007 showing the impact since the introduction of the Infant Safe Sleeping Campaign in 1990.

Child Drownings in Australia 2009.pdf
Royal Life Saving Society Australia (RLSAA) Drownings in Australia to 2009.

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