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In 2011 SIDS and Kids formed a partnership with Australian prenatal nutrition experts Zycia.

The partnership means SIDS and Kids benefits from the sale of every bottle of Zycia Natal Nutrients; a multivitamin and mineral supplement for conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Zycia Natal Nutrients was launched in October 2011 by naturopath and nutritionist Tasha Jennings.

“The development of this company has been a professional and personal mission for the past two years,” said Tasha, who is now six months pregnant and taking Zycia Natal Nutrients herself. “As I delved further into new research surrounding prenatal nutrition, I was overwhelmed by the incredible new studies available overseas but had yet to hit our shores. Since then I have been in touch with researchers both here and internationally to source the most current clinical data. Having previously worked in product development, I set about creating a premium product which incorporated this new research.”

Zycia Natal Nutrients is made in Australia and was developed according to current research into the nutritional needs of mother and baby.

Tasha said her support of SIDS and Kids was an extension of the philosophy behind Zycia.

“Zycia means ‘life’, and our philosophy is to nurture life in its early stages. Our partnership with SIDS and Kids is another way to extend that support.”

If you are looking to conceive, Zycia also provides a Personal Ovulation Calculator app for the iPhone. The app can help determine and predict your most fertile days. Click here to download the app from iTunes.

Zycia also provides weekly healthy recipes through its Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/zycia.preg.nut. Visit http://www.zycia.com.au/ to learn more about the importance of nutrition during pregnancy.

Zycia Natal Nutrients is available from the SIDS and Kids online shop at http://www.sidsandkidsshop.org/ and through all good pharmacy outlets, including Pharmore Pharmacies, Pulse Pharmacy, National Pharmacies, Optimal Pharmacy, Chemplus, and selected Chemmart Pharmacy, Terry White Chemists, Amcal, Amcal Max, Guardian Pharmacy, Priceline Pharmacy and Soul Pattinson Chemist.

If your local pharmacy doesn’t stock Zycia Natal Nutrients, please call 1800 688 148.

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