In 2014 VTech became the first baby monitor partner of SIDS and Kids Australia.

VTech and SIDS and Kids have proudly partnered to support education and awareness of safe sleeping practices, and promote the correct use of baby audio and video monitors for new and expectant mums. A key feature across all VTech models is that the baby monitoring unit does not attach to the cot and is therefore less likely to become a hazard.

VTech is a leading global manufacturer of baby monitor products and at the core of every VTech Safe&Sound® monitor is safety and security.

Stay close to the heart of your home from any room with a Safe&Sound® baby monitor. Refined audio and full-colour video bring you every smile, giggle or sigh, so you’ll always know exactly how your little one is doing.

To learn more about VTech visit http://auphones.vtech.com.

VTech Safe&Sound® baby monitors are available through the SIDS and Kids Shop Online.

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