Support takes on many forms and SIDS and Kids is especially grateful for the support we receive from individuals, families and groups within the community.

We also value the support from national corporations and businesses including CUA, Target, Big W, Supercheap, The Wiggles, Aussie Wipes, Protect-a-Bed, Clark Rubber, Dunlop Foams, Zycia, Bench Creative and many more who support Red Nose Day and our service delivery each year.

It all helps to fund our education and bereavement support programs and services across Australia and research into stillbirth and sudden infant death syndrome. SIDS and Kids receives less than 5% in funding from the Government.

Plum is just one organisation who champions our Safe Sleeping Education Campaign and since 2011 has been providing funding for our national education and support services. Both SIDS and Kids and Plum are focused on ensuring we educate all new and expectant mothers, carers and health care professionals throughout Australian about how to reduce the risk of SIDS and fatal sleeping accidents.┬áSince 1990 our Safe Sleeping campaign reduced the incidence of SUDI by 80% and saved more than 8959┬ábabies’ lives.

Other partner organisations provide mentoring for our team, in-kind services such as printing, IT and graphic design, volunteer at our offices throughout Australia and support our fundraising events. Our supporters large and small are proud to sell our product in their communities raising vital funds and creating awareness of the risk of sudden infant death syndrome and fatal sleeping accidents.

Their commitment to helping us save the lives of babies and children is making a real difference in Australian communities.

Whatever form your support takes it is vital to SIDS and Kids being able to continue delivering education and bereavement support services to Australian families as well as funding research into stillbirth and sudden infant death.

Last modified: 2 July 2014


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