Get Involved


Volunteers are relied upon to assist with fundraising & organising events.

If you have some time to spare, please contact us today on email

Your support as a SIDS and Kids Tasmanian Volunteer will be greatly appreciated by all.

Our Unsung Heroes

They come from many walks of life and for nothing do they ask
Just to help or lend a hand to any given task
They go about their daily work and give their time for free
Trying to make a better life for us, for you, for me

They’re very unassuming, not in it for the fame
They’re just the quiet achievers who help us reach our aims
And selling cakes, or raffles, or Red Noses ‘round the town
Is just their way of helping out whilst acting like a clown

You’ll see them in the street one day with their little pens or pins
Sitting in the cold or heat or dust or howling winds
They do this out of kindness, from the goodness of their hearts
To raise some badly needed cash, for Cancer, SIDS or Darts

So when you’re in your travels a volunteer one day you meet
Think about the time they spend helping others in the street
And if you have a mind, then throw a coin or two
You never know when next they help, that person could be you.

From The Chairman

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