Safe Sleeping

Safe Sleeping Program

Educating parents and care givers of newborn babies is a high priority.

Since 1990 our education programs have provided parents and carers with valuable information about how to reduce the risk of SIDS and safe sleeping for babies and toddlers.

Our program is available to parents, health care professionals, child care support workers, and the community at large.

2012 initiative

BREASTFEEDING has been added to the list of things mothers are advised to do to protect their baby from sudden infant death syndrome, with experts saying there is clear evidence breastfed babies have less than half the risk of dying unexpectedly.

The guidelines have been revised after a review of the international evidence on the risk factors for SIDS, which was able to analyse the results from a number of studies large enough to provide a reliable estimate of the risks.

Review author and safe sleeping expert Jeanine Young said breastfeeding had originally been thought to be protective against SIDS back in 1991, but then a large study had cast doubt on the link.

Only with the completion of several further large studies, conducted in a way that allowed their findings to be combined, had the evidence emerged that confirmed the link, she said.

“We can definitively say breastfeeding is protective as a specific risk reduction,” Adjunct Professor Young said. “Babies that are breastfed tend to arouse more easily, and we also know the components of breast milk are such that babies are meant to feed more frequently, which means they are easier to rouse.

“Breast milk contains immune benefits that cannot be replaced by artificial formulas, no matter how hard the industry tries to improve their ingredients.

“We know that breastfeeding reduces the respiratory and gastro-intestinal infections that children experience, and we know that about 45 per cent of babies that die suddenly and unexpectedly had an illness in the previous two weeks.”

Adjunct Professor Young said the previous two recommendations were added in 2002: to provide a safe sleeping environment and to sleep babies safely in the same room as an adult care-giver for the first six to 12 months.

The six recommendations of the ‘Sleep Safe My Baby’ campaign address parts of a jigsaw, that have been put together through research, to reduce the risk of sudden infant death in infancy. However, sadly, despite our best efforts some babies will die suddenly and unexpectedly. We continue to work towards reducing the impact of sudden and unexpected death in infancy in through health promotion campaigns like ‘Sleep Safe My Baby’ and provide support for families impacted by the death of a child. If you need support call us on 1300 308 307.

You can download the following Safe Sleeping resources as a PDF by clicking the images below:

Safe Sleeping Long Brochure Safe Sleeping Easy Read Safe Sleeping Poster Tummy Time Brochure
Tummy Time Poster Safe Wrapping Brochure Safe Wrapping Poster Safe Sleeping Door Hanger
Cot to Bed Safety Brochure

SIDS and Kids Safe Sleeping app

SIDS and Kids Safe Sleeping app is available free of charge.

Cot to Bed Safety app

The Cot to Bed Safety app for iPhone and Android provides information on when to move a child from a cot to a bed, what type of bed to use, and how to provide a safe environment for a child.

Professional Education

As a small organisation, we are reliant on health professionals assisting us with educating the community. Much of our education work is directed at ongoing education of midwives, community health nurses, professional child care workers and health care workers.

Lectures, in-services and community talks are available to hospitals, childcare centres, government departments and community groups on request. Please contact our Education Coordinator either by email or phone for more information or to book a session.


Safe Sleeping information is provided to healthcare professionals, childcare professionals and members of the public, Monday to Friday during normal office hours.

SIDS and Kids SA also supply brochures on Safe Sleeping, Safe Wrapping and Tummy Time. These can be ordered by contacting our Education Coordinator.

Education Coordinator contact details:

Liza Jankowski


phone:    8332 1066

Want to learn more about safe sleeping? Attend a SIDS and Kids SA Seminar!

When: Every Month

Venue: SIDS and Kids SA Office, 415 Magill Road, St Morris, 5068. Ph 08 8332 1066

Cost $15.00 per person

$20:00 per couple (a couple can consist of friends, partners or even grandparents)

Click here for more information or to book online.

We look forward to seeing you!

2016 Safe Sleeping Dates


Wednesday 14 September 2016  7:00 PM

Wednesday 12 October 2016  7:00 PM

Wednesday 9 November 2016  7:00 PM

Wednesday 14 December 2016 7:00  PM


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