Parents’ Stories and Testimonials

SIDS and Kids Hunter Region Parents’ Stories and Poems

If you wish to share your story or verse, we will be happy to consider your contribution.

“We will never” in memory of Shaune
In memory of Shaune.pdf

“Emily” in memory of Emily
In memory of Emily.pdf

“Just for a Moment” in memory of William
In Memory of William.pdf

“Waterbugs and Dragonflies” In memory of Daniel-B
in memory of daniel brown.pdf

“J.E.M” in memory of Janai
Janai Ella Middleton.pdf

In Memory – by Chris Stokes
in memory by Chris Stokes.pdf

After losing my baby girl at the end of March at 22 weeks pregnancy due to genetic interruption, I recently came in and had a chat with Kate and Annie.

After a long chat with Annie she was able to help me put a different (better) perspective on a few things.

That very afternoon I was able to put away a few of Charlotte’s (keepsake) things and clear my head.

Of course, I still have tough moments but I have the strength to deal with them a little better than I had been.

I still have a few things to sort out but I will chat to Annette and the IFFA group in the future and gain their insight.

The service that Sids&Kids offer is amazing (and unexpected).  It is a wonderful service that I will mention to everyone.

Thank you again!


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