SIDS and Kids safe sleeping campaign is evidence-based information developed by researchers from across Australian and internationally. There are six key messages in the campaign to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and fatal sleep accidents:

1. Sleep baby on the back from birth, not on the tummy or side

2. Sleep baby with head and face uncovered

3. Keep baby smoke free before birth and after

4. Provide a safe sleeping environment night and day

5. Sleep baby in their own safe sleeping place in the same room as an adult care-giver for the first six to twelve months

6. Breastfeed baby

Since the SIDS and Kids safe sleeping campaign began in the early 1990s it has saved the lives of 7,500 Australian babies and reduced the rate of SUDI by 80%.

Safe Sleeping Frequently Asked Questions:

You can download our FAQs in PDF format by clicking the link below:


SIDS and Kids Information Statements

You can download our Information Statements in PDF format by clicking the links below:

Safe Sleeping Education Sessions:

Sudden and unexpected infant death claims the lives of many babies and young children each year. Some sleeping environments are not safe for infants and young children and can increase the risk of SIDS and fatal sleep accidents.

SIDS and Kids ACT invites expectant mothers, parents, grandparents, babysitters, and anyone who cares for babies and young children to attend a free Safe Sleeping education session.

Topics include:

Dangers of tummy and side sleeping
Unsafe bedding
Cots and mattresses
Baby Equipment
Flat spots on babies heads
Rolling over in the cot
Sleeping bags
Room temperature

In 2016, SIDS and Kids ACT will offer the following free public Safe Sleeping education sessions.

Classes are held from 6pm at the Chifley Health and Wellbeing Centre, corner Eggleston and Maclaurin Crescents, Chifley on the first Wednesday of each month, and the Gungahlin Community Health Centre, Fussell Lane, Gungahlin on the third Wednesday of each alternate month.

Chifley address is: Chifley Health and Wellbeing Hub, 70 Maclaurin Crescent, Chifley ACT 2606

Bookings are essential and names are needed at least three days prior to your chosen session.

Please phone 6287 4255 to book.

Class dates and location

6 January, 6pm in Chifley

3 February, 6pm in Chifley

17 February, 6pm in Gungahlin

2 March, 6pm in Chifley

6 April, 6pm in Chifley

20 April, 6pm in Gungahlin

4 May, 6pm in Chifley

1 June, 6pm in Chifley

15 June, 6pm in Gungahlin

6 July, 6pm in Chifley

3 August, 6pm in Chifley

17 August, 6pm in Gungahlin

7 September, 6pm in Chifley

5 October, 6pm in Chifley

19 October, 6pm in Gungahlin

2 November, 6pm in Chifley

7 December, 6pm in Chifley

14 December, 6pm in Gungahlin

Making up a baby’s cot

An unsafe sleeping environment increases the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and fatal sleep accidents. For information on making up your baby’s cot safely click this link.

Safe Sleeping Resources are available to parents, carers and health professionals free of charge. Resources can also be downloaded in PDF format below:

Safe Sleeping Long Brochure Safe Sleeping Easy Read Safe Sleeping Poster Tummy Time Brochure


Tummy Time Poster Safe Wrapping Brochure Safe Wrapping Poster Safe Sleeping Door Hanger


Cot to Bed Safety Brochure

SIDS and Kids Safe Sleeping app

SIDS and Kids Safe Sleeping app is available free of charge.

Cot to Bed Safety app

The Cot to Bed Safety app for iPhone and Android provides information on when to move a child from a cot to a bed, what type of bed to use, and how to provide a safe environment for a child.

If you wish to order brochures and resources please contact us on 6287 4255.

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