Tobacco Facts: Protecting Children from Tobacco

A new factsheet from Action on Smoking and Health Australia outlines the problem of childhood smoke exposure and promotion, social disadvantage and next steps needed to ensure future generations are tobacco-free.

Did you know that:

  • 110,000+ school-aged Australian children smoked at least weekly in 2008, thousands starting each year.
  • The large majority of new smokers are children – average age of uptake in Australia is 16.
  • The tobacco industry knows this and aggressively opposes evidence-based health policies that would reduce child smoking and exposure to tobacco smoke and promotion.
  • Children are still exposed to tobacco smoke harm and smoking normalisation – in public drinking/dining areas, crowded beaches (NSW, SA, Vic, WA); cars (NT); pedestrian malls and homes – especially multi-unit housing (all jurisdictions).
  • Children are especially vulnerable to health harm from secondhand smoke – including respiratory, cellular, mental/learning harm.
  • Children in disadvantaged communities are especially vulnerable to promotion, exposure, harm.

For more information on this issue download the fact sheet here or visit the website.

SIDS and Kids is a member of Protecting Children from Tobacco, a national coalition of organisations that wants effective action to protect children from tobacco smoke and promotion.

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