The secret tragedy that happens to six Australian families every day

Miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal death are experiences so painful, so raw, that people actively turn away from them.

But for the families who have been through it, there’s no turning away. And for women like Mia Freedman and Rebecca Sparrow, facing their experiences, talking about and sharing their stories, is what saved them from despair.

And so, the two writers and friends came together with editor Paula Ellery and many other contributors to produce Never Forgotten, a book to help guide others through the darkest time of their lives.

Never Forgotten is one of those special books that exists thanks to contributions from many authors. It’s a book filled with stories from many women, and some men, about how it really feels to come home from hospital with empty arms.

And it’s a book that will help – 100 per cent of the profits will go to SIDS and Kids and Heartfelt, the remarkable charity who help bereaved parents capture irreplaceable memories of their precious child, and whose extraordinary photos help illustrate the book.

It is available at in both print and digital

  • Full colour print: $37.00
  • Digital (Kindle): $11.99

Quick Facts:

  • Nearly 1 in every 130 Australian women reaching 20 weeks gestation will have a stillborn baby
  • Stillborn babies account for more than 70 per cent of all perinatal deaths in Australia.
  • 50 per cent of all conceptions end in miscarriage
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