The Lullaby Trust GAPS research project 2015–2016


Great strides have been made in research into sudden infant death: pioneering theories have been developed and interventions deployed that have saved the lives of countless infants. Yet thousands still die around the world every year due to causes that remain elusive. Action needs to be taken to prioritise which research should be funded in the future.

The GAPS project

The GAPS project is a global research collaboration led by ISPID, The Lullaby Trust (UK), SIDS and Kids (Australia) and the American SIDS Institute. Its aim is to identify which gaps in research, if filled, have the most potential to reduce further the number of sudden unexpected infant deaths (SUID, also known as SUDI) around the world in the next 10 years.

In the first stage of this project, an open-ended survey was distributed to selected clinicians, researchers, charities and bereaved parents from around the world, asking openly what they thought we should be researching in SUID. These responses received generated hundreds of suggestions, which have been honed into specific statements about different areas of research.

Now we want your thoughts on which of these areas are the most important and should be prioritised in SUID research.

Get involved

We need as many different voices as possible to take part in this project. We are asking for all healthcare professionals, researchers and other professionals with expertise or experience in SUID, as well as bereaved family members, to tell us what research we should be prioritising in SUID in the future.

Please visit for more information on GAPS and to take part. You will be asked to complete a brief survey, rating how important you think the different areas of SUID research are. Some areas may not be familiar to you, but we need as many different perspectives as possible so please join in, and help us make sudden infant death a thing of the past.

Contact details

Lucy Lyus, Project Manager:                

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