Slings risk highlighted

Ten News has featured a story that highlights the high risk of suffocation to newborns allowed to sleep in slings and hammocks.

View the news story on YouTube here.

The ACCC has previously released a Safety Alert brochure on Baby Slings, which includes some simple safeguards to reduce hazards. This can be downloaded by clicking here.

The ACCC states that parents and carers should take care when using slings and pouches to carry babies. Babies have suffocated while in slings. They are at risk if placed incorrectly in a sling because they do not have the physical capacity to move out of dangerous positions that block their airways. Babies under four months of age, or who have been born premature or low birth weight or who have breathing difficulties, are at a greater risk.

Two positions present significant danger:

1. Lying with a curved back, with the chin resting on the chest.

2. Lying with the face pressed against the fabric of the sling or the wearer’s body.

For more information on Safe Sleeping, contact SIDS and Kids in your State or Territory on 1300 308 307.

You can also download the SIDS and Kids Frequently Asked Questions here.

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