SIDS and Kids releases new kit to ensure babies in childcare are slept safely

SIDS and Kids has released a revised Infant Safe Sleeping Child Care Kit to ensure all childcare centres practice SIDS and Kids’ guidelines for safe sleeping of babies.

The kit has been developed to inform educators, co-ordinators and staff employed by education and care services, including long day care and family day care, to ensure all those who care for babies are aware of the best practice guidelines to reduce the risk of Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy (SUDI) including sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and fatal sleeping accidents.

“Since 1999 there has been an increasing demand by parents for the use of informal and formal childcare services in Australia, ” said SIDS and Kids CEO Leanne Raven. “Given the increasing number of infants attending childcare services in Australia, it is imperative that everyone who cares for babies is aware of how to create a safe sleeping environment to reduce the risk of SIDS and sleeping accidents and model these recommendations within their own practice.”

Despite a significant decline in the incidence of SIDS since the introduction of public health campaigns informing parents of safe infant sleeping practices, SIDS and fatal sleeping accidents remain the main cause of unexpected infant mortality in the post-neonatal period between 28 days and 365 days post birth in Australia.

The evidence shows that babies slept unsupervised and on their tummies are at the greatest risk.

The SIDS and Kids Safe Sleeping Child Care Kit will:

  • Provide all education and care services with clear evidence-based information to support a consistent and national approach and to create a safe sleeping environment for all babies
  • Assist services to evaluate their current practice through self-assessment
  • Provide guidance for education and care services to ensure policy and practices are in alignment with key quality areas, standards and elements embedded within the National Quality Standards.

Leanne said the kit would also enable childcare services to share their knowledge effectively with families, friends and colleagues within their community.

“Being in a unique position to educate parents and other carers of infants, childcare educators are shown to be powerful role models. Providing parents with verbal information and printed resources, and having these supported by the attitudes and behaviours of childcare educators, can contribute persuasively to decisions made by parents.”

Resources in the new kit include:

  • Self-assessment and reflective tools to measure baseline knowledge and to assist educators and the service to ensure best practice standards are employed
  • Guidance on developing a safe sleeping policy, including a sample policy and a supporting checklist and guidelines for Education and Care Services
  • Further information and resources for educators including background information, brochures, information sheets, an FAQ, and  DVDs
  • A safe sleeping checklist to be used during enrolment and orientation of families
  • Information for families including posters for display and ongoing education
  • Emergency response and bereavement support

The SIDS and Kids Infant
Safe Sleeping Child Care Kit is $190 and can be ordered online here or by downloading an order form here.

Education and care services can contact SIDS and Kids on 1300 308 307 should they require information or a SIDS and Kids educator to conduct a training session with their staff.

For more information on Safe Sleeping visit

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