Behind the Mask: Hidden Struggle of Parenthood

PANDA and the Gidget Foundation are thrilled to announce the release of our new DVD – Behind the Mask: the Hidden Struggle of Parenthood. After close to two years of planning, filming and refining, the stories of Australian families who have lived with and recovered from perinatal depression and anxiety have been beautifully and poignantly captured on film.

We now have a resource that brings the emotional journey that is early parenthood into the spotlight with real life stories that will help men and women heading into parenthood to be more aware of how they might feel when their baby is born.

The second part of the DVD seeks to remove the masks that many parents live behind when they are experiencing perinatal depression and anxiety – often alone in a world of shame and pain.

The words of experts and health professionals support these powerful stories in providing rich information that deepens our understanding of these serious mental illnesses and what is important for recovery.

To find out more about more about the DVD visit

SIDS and Kids Australia would like to take this opportunity to congratulate PANDA and the Gidget Foundation on the new DVD resource.

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