Baby bath aids and the need for safety warnings

In Australia, between 1997 and 2005, six infants under 13 months drowned while in a baby bath aid.

The ACCC’s product safety bulletin ‘What you need to know about: baby bath aids’ covers the mandatory product safety standard for baby bath aids and the need to properly label these products.

According to the Royal Life Saving Society of Australia, children under two years of age are most vulnerable to drowning or near drowning in the bath. The incidents almost always occur when the competent adult supervising the child leaves the child unattended – even if it is for less than a minute.

The mandatory standard came into effect on 13 May 2005 and aims to protect children from the possibility of drowning by providing a permanent warning alerting the parent or caregiver that a baby should never be left alone in the bath or left in the care of another child.

For more information, visit the Product Safety website.

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