ACCC product safety alerts

The ACCC is warning consumers about the safety of the following products:

Mayborn ANZ Pty Ltd — Tommee Tippee Super Soft Comforter Age 12m+ , SKU 270145 and batch codes 09116JC, 08516JC, or 12316JC. In the event that a child takes the whole comforter into their mouth, the shield and teat size combination may allow the comforter to get positioned in the back of the mouth and this may pose a risk of choking. Consumers should immediately stop using the comforter. Find out more.

Noc Noc Organic Miniature Teething Rattle, Organic Teething Rattle, and Organic Ring Stacker do not comply with the mandatory safety standard for toys for children up to and including 36 months of age as they are of a shape and size that can enter a child’s throat and may present a choking hazard. Find out more.

Marlo Woods Australia Pty Ltd – Animal Electronic Organ, Warhead Gun Toy, Water Resilience Sling Shot Set, Stuffed Cat with Hat and Rubber Dog Shaped Squeeze, Super Bright Colour Gun Shoot Set, Hello Kitty Battery Operated Toy, Thomas and Friends Toy Train, Lovely Doll, Plastic Music Crab Toy and Naughty Lady Bird Toy, Assorted Rubber Animal Shaped Squeeze Toys. Find out more.

Mini Beanz Bean Bags—Bubble Orange Newborn Bean Bag – In contravention of the mandatory standard for bean bags, the inner bag does not have a child-resistant fastener. Customers will be contacted and provided with instructions to remove the paperclip on the inner bag. Find out more.

Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd—Mix Grow Bag Girls, Mix Grow Bag Boys, Mix Grow Bag Unisex – The Grow Bags have a High Fire Danger warning label attached to them, but also have a Low Fire Danger statement on the sizing/care label.The Grow Bags are high fire danger items. Potential confusion about the fire danger could risk infants being burned if the Grow Bags are used around fire hazards. Find out more.

The AngelRock Baby—TwinGo Carrier (2015 model and 2016 model) is a baby carrier designed to carry twins or siblings of different ages. The waist buckle may break when assembling the carrier and pose a potential fall hazard to children in the carrier. It was sold nationally 15 Mar 2015 – 13 May 2016 by AngelRock Baby and Slings’N’Things. Consumers should register for a replacement buckle and stop using their TwinGo Carrier until the new buckles have been received and fitted. Find out more.

Osprey Child Safety Products LLC Poco AG Child Carriers – due to a production error, a small number of bars on the tension lock buckles of the lower shoulder straps may have been cut and could pose a fall hazard to a child in the carrier.

Smiggle Yoco Loco children’s yo-yo – If the yo-yo is dropped or hits an object, the clear covers on either side of the yo-yo may pop out and release the button batteries, which may be hazard to young children.

IKEA PATRULL, PATRULL KLAMMA, PATRULL FAST Safety Gates have been recalled as children are at risk of falling down stairs if the locking mechanism unexpectedly opens, due to the catch not returning to the correct position.

Incy Wincy Designs Natural Wooden Teethers handmade teething toy for babies, sold 12 April 2016 to 15 June 2016 in New South Wales, do not meet the Australian safety standards AS/NZS 8124 and may pose a choking hazard to young children/infants. Consumers should contact Incy Wincy Designs for a replacement or refund.

Jazslings Baby Slings Silicone Pacifier Clips, sold 1 August 2015 to 30 March 2016 nationally, do not comply with the requirements of the ban on baby dummy chains with unsafe decorations. The product exceeds the required length, and small parts are able to be detached, and this poses a potential choking hazard. Customers should immediately stop using the dummy clip and return it to Jazslings for a full refund.

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