2010 Media Releases

SIDS and Kids supports groundbreaking research findings published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association linking low serotonin levels in infant brainstems to the incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. February 2010.

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Have fun for a serious cause! Don’t forget to support Red Nose Day on Friday June 25th 2010 and buy any of the great red nose products. February 2010.

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Give the gift of life to Australian babies for your Mum this Mother’s Day.  SIDS and Kids is making Mother’s Day easy with their online shop at www.sidsandkids.org

Read more about Mothers Day 2010 Donation Cards

Prominent Australians Get Silly for a serious cause.  Red Nose Day Friday June 25th, 2010.

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Shared sleeping surfaces linked to a high percentage of sudden and unexpected infant deaths.

Read more about shared sleeping surfaces
Safe Sleeping e-learning education package launched by Queensland Health and SIDS and Kids.

Read more about Infant Safe Sleeping e-learning package
Surviving the Silent Killer –  Krystyna McIntosh never imagined that her toddler could die in his sleep.

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TV Week TV Guide look out for Red Nose Day on Neighbours 6.30pm Network Ten

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Join The Wiggles and Take 5 and save Friday June 25 for Red Nose Day

Read more about Red Nose Day in Take5.pdf
He’s Eamon to win by a nose…Eamon Sullivan SIDS and Kids Ambassador

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Micheal Kilm sees RED for Red Nose Day at Luna Park.

Read more about Micheal Klim seeing RED for Red Nose Day.pdf
Practical Parenting July Edition provides new and expectant parents with safe sleeping information.

Read more about Safe Sleeping from Practical Parenting July edition.pdf
Sleeping habits can increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Read more about Sleeping Habits and increased SIDS.pdf
OK! Magazines most wanted Red Nose Day Lapel pin

Read more aout OK! Magazine most wanted Red Nose Day Lapel.pdf
Disney Girl supports Red Nose Day to help change the world

Read more about Disney Girl helping Red Nose Day to change the world.pdf
Therese Rein – a good nose for winning causes

Read more about Therese Rein and Red Nose Day.pdf
Read more about Therese Rein and Red Nose Day

Have fun, be silly and save babies’s lives says Therese Rein.pdf
Bring out the Masterchef in you and get cracking and make some Red Nose Day bikkies with the New Idea 26 June 2010 edition.

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Don a red nose and save lives says Target in Manning Valley

Read more about Target getting behind Red Nose Day.pdf
Read more about Prime Minister Gillard and Red Nose Day.

Read more about Prime Minister Gillard today. Red Nose Day tomorrow.pdf

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