Rebeccah Dent Limited Edition Prints

About the Artist and her Work:

Rebeccah is an accomplished Sydney based artist who has a strong connection with nature having grown up in the Blue Mountains. She has travelled extensively to broaden her life experience and arts practice. Her work is highly sought after and her expertise is continually developing.

Her drawings reflect a humble simplicity and beauty that seems to be overshadowed by today’s technology. Her use of vintage paper from discarded books,  recycled timber and archival materials pays homage to the beauty of craftsmanship and detail with complication.

“Best Friends” is part of a series of four slow release prints available for purchase in support of SIDS and Kids. “These images reflect the innocence and clarity of childhood, they have no larger message other than to question what is really important…children, the preservation of innocence and the desire to protect and nuture them or to simply remember them in that moment” says Rebeccah.

Rebeccah is honoured to be working with SIDS and Kids and will be producing four slow release prints for purchase in support of SIDS and Kids nationally.

“Best Friends” print First Edition of 30

As pictured top right of screen.

Printed on Archival Paper & Ink 210 mm x 297mm (Unframed)

A percentage of each sale donated to SIDS and Kids.

Order online here.

Or download an order form as a PDF here.

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