Leaving a Bequest

Please consider leaving a bequest in your Will


Remembering SIDS and Kids in your will leaves a lasting legacy that will support our work in the area of health promotion, education and bereavement support for families who have experienced the sudden and unexpected death of a baby, infant or child.

Your legacy will also help us to plan for the future and continue to fund vital support and education services and research into sudden infant death syndrome and stillbirth.

Sadly, there is still no known cause of sudden infant death syndrome, so being able to provide the new and expectant mothers, health care professionals and the community with vital information on reducing the risks of SIDS and fatal sleeping accidents is as important today as it was when SIDS and Kids started out in 1979.

‘I really don’t have much – does this apply to me?


SIDS and Kids is a grass roots organisation supporting families in many different ways. No matter how big or small your bequest may be you will make a difference to the lives of those who have been affected by the sudden and unexpected death of a baby or child. You can also choose how you would like your bequest to be used.

“Leaving a bequest to SIDS and Kids allows us to plan for the future. Even the smallest gift can make a difference and will be gratefully accepted by SIDS and Kids. While it’s likely that the priority for your Will is to provide for your family and their future, your generosity can also support families in need of bereavement support and education across Australia” says Leanne Raven, National CEO.



Where can I find out more about making a Bequest?

Please contact SIDS and Kids for information on how to include a bequest in your will by phoning Yvonne Amos on (03) 8888 1657 or email yvonne@sidsandkids.org.

To download the correct wording for your bequest to SIDS and Kids click here.

Visit Include a Charity to find our more information on SIDS and Kids and leaving a bequest please click here.

If you already have SIDS and Kids in your will, we would like the opportunity to acknowledge you during your lifetime.

Please let us know by email or telephone. Your confidentiality is assured.

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